Independent  Title IX hearing officers

Prepare for Title IX Hearings with Confidence

The responsibilities of the Title IX hearing officers (also referred to as decision-makers) are extensive. For many colleges and universities, identifying and training college personnel with the time, experience, and confidence to oversee the hearing process may not be possible.

Our diverse pool of independent decision-makers can help your institution fill this role with confidence.

As experienced mediators and arbitrators, including retired judges and a former university counsel, our hearing officers have experience objectively evaluating evidence, determining relevance, and conducting hearings with fairness and equality for all involved parties. They have also received the required Title IX training and understand the intricacies of the Title IX grievance procedures as well as the impact of trauma on involved parties.

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Decision-Making Services

Title IX Solutions believes a comprehensive and collaborative approach is critical when working with colleges and universities to ensure Title IX compliance. Therefore, we have created a two-phase program to help institutions feel confident in their own policies, effectively implement procedures, and understand our role in the Title IX grievance process.

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Phase One: Title IX Compliance Program (optional)

  • Review of institution’s Title IX policy to ensure compliance with federal and state laws;
  • Onboarding call between your institution’s Title IX team & Title IX Solutions hearing officers, who will explain their approach to the Title IX hearing process; and
  • 3-hour training of your choice: select from various training program options such as Foundations of the 2020 Final Title IX Rule, Preparation for First Responders, Title IX Investigation Procedures, and more.
  • Access to our Informal Resolution Facilitation Services. 

Phase Two: Decision-Making Services

  • Unlimited access to our pool of hearing officers, who will be assigned to your campus as Title IX complaints are filed. You will be able to select from the decision-maker models referenced below.
  • Our decision-maker(s) will provide the following services to prepare for, oversee, and determine responsibility after the hearing:
    • Review the formal complaint;
    • Evaluate the entire investigative report;
    • Supervise the conduct of involved parties and their advisors;
    • Determine the relevance of questions asked during cross-examination; and
    • Explain any decision to exclude a question as irrelevant during cross-examination.
    • Draft and issue a written determination regarding responsibility to each party simultaneously. A full description of the information included in the written determination can be found in § 106.45 (b)(7) of the Title IX Regulations.

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Decision-Maker Models

Depending on your institutions’s needs and policy, the following decision-maker models are available:

  • Single Decision-Maker: One independent hearing officer evaluates the evidence, oversees the hearing, and issues a written determination regarding responsibility.
  • Hearing Panel: Two or more independent hearing officers evaluate the evidence, oversee the hearing, and collaborate to issue a written determination regarding responsibility.
  • Hearing Officer Support: One or more Title IX Solutions independent hearing officer(s) accompanies your institution’s decision-maker(s) and assists in the evaluation of evidence, oversight of the hearing, and drafting of the written determination regarding responsibility.
  • Appeals Decision-Maker(s): One or more Title IX Solutions decision-maker(s) follows your institution’s Title IX policy appeals process make a final determination regarding responsibility.

parties prefer the informal resolution process?

We also provide informal resolution facilitators.

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You can also learn more about our decision-makers and informal resolution facilitators.


Title IX Training Opportunities

We offer Title IX coordinators, investigators, and decision-makers various Title IX Training opportunities, available both on campus and virutally.

Campus Title IX Investigations

We collaborate with your Title IX coordinator to ensure prompt, thorough, and impartial Title IX investigations. It’s a two-phase approach.