Sexual Misconduct Policy Consulting

Let Us Help You Bring your Sexual Misconduct Policy into Compliance

The U.S. Department of Education mandates colleges and universities be in compliance with the new Title IX Regulations by August 14th, 2020. We understand this tight timeline may be difficult for many Title IX offices to meet.

We can help.

Our sexual misconduct policy consulting services are available immediately. Our Title IX experts will work directly with you to revise your sexual misconduct policy to comply with the new Title IX regulations and fit within your school’s administrative framework.


Want to learn more about pricing, projected timelines, and our sexual misconduct policy consulting services? Email us!

Program Director Adrienne Mathis will respond within 24 hours.

Working Together to Create an Effective Policy

We take a collaborative approach to revising your institution’s sexual misconduct policy.

First, we first review your current policy and protocols. After assessing how much of the school’s current policy will need to change, we will revise your policy to include all required elements of the new Title IX Regulations.

We understand that each university functions differently, and therefore as we revise the sexual misconduct policy we will work directly with you and other administrators to ensure that the revised policy aligns well with current administrative and disciplinary procedures. 

Based on our previous sexual misconduct policy consulting experience, a truly collaborative approach between Title IX Solutions and college personnel is critical to design a policy that will make due process possible on campus. Therefore, we take the time to ensure that relevant campus stakeholders and decision-makers are included in key conversations and policy development.

Department of Education Resources

Fact Sheet: Final Title IX Regulations

Department of Education Resources

U.S. Department of Education Title IX Final Rule Overview

Department of Education Resources

Summary of Major Provisions of the Department of Education’s Title IX Final Rule

Department of Education Resources

Title IX Regulations Addressing Sexual Harassment (Unofficial Copy)

Could your institution use help revising its sexual misconduct policy?

Give us a call at 618-920-0576 or email our Program Director, Adrienne Mathis, to learn more!

Already Revised Your Policy?

Our Title IX policy experts are available to review your revised sexual misconduct policy for a minimal fee. 

If your school’s policy is already in compliance with the new Title IX regulations, we encourage you to check out our Title IX Training Programs to help ensure that your campus Title IX coordinators, investigators, and disciplinary board members receive the now federally-required training. You can even look for a training program near you!


Title IX Investigation Services

Our professional investigators offer colleges prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into Title IX violations. 

Title IX Training Opportunities

We offer Title IX coordinators, investigators, and decision-makers various Title IX Training opportunities, available both on campus and virutally.