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About Title IX Solutions, LLC

With more than 60 years of investigative and legal service experience combined with a national network of experienced, state-licensed, and trained investigators, Title IX Solutions, LLC focuses on Title IX sexual harassment and assault investigations on college campuses. Our Title IX experts and professional investigators offer training programs for Title IX coordinators and campus-based investigators, provide investigation services for college campuses, and provide sexual misconduct policy consulting for U.S. and international universities.

Department of Education guidelines regarding Title IX are detailed and require action from colleges when an incident of sexual misconduct occurs.

One such requirement: prompt and impartial investigations.

Too often Title IX investigations are left in the hands of faculty or staff members with busy schedules, minimal training, and little experience in designing an investigation plan, interviewing witnesses, gathering facts and evidence, or analyzing the information collected. Title IX Solutions, LLC was founded to directly address these issues and bring professionalism to college campus investigations.   

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Handling Complaints under the New Title IX Regulations

“An equitable investigation of a Title IX complaint requires a trained investigator to analyze and document the available evidence to support reliable decisions, objectively evaluate the credibility of parties and witnesses, synthesize all available evidence—including both inculpatory and exculpatory evidence—and take into account the unique and complex circumstances of each case.”

United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (September 2017)


Professional Investigations · Innovative Solutions

Title IX Solutions, LLC is the first professional investigative service specializing exclusively in Title IX investigations on college campuses in the United States. Incidents of sexual violence on campus need prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations, and we believe that our approach will establish a ‘best practice’ standard for colleges throughout the country.

Currently, many Title IX cases are conducted by college employees follow relatively informal procedures. Yet this strategy disregards the severity of the incident and its ramifications for all parties involved.

Sexual violence can be traumatic and have a transformative effect on people’s lives. Facts developed during the investigation process become the basis of a college’s decision regarding the outcome of a Title IX case. That decision will impact the lives of the complainant (victim) and respondent (alleged assailant) for years. Now more than ever, students—both complainants and respondents—are becoming more aware of their rights under Title IX, including the right to proper due process.

In addition to the emotional, financial, and educational impacts of sexual violence on students, improper investigations can produce a domino effect for the college, including actions by the U.S. Department of Education, litigation by the complainant or respondent, student concern, alumni criticism, negative press exposure, reactions from victim support groups, or an environment that does not fulfill the institution’s mission to education and serve its students.

These investigations demand nothing less than a professional approach.


We strive to raise the bar on the quality of Title IX and sexual misconduct investigations on college campuses. To achieve this, we knew that we had to approach sexual harassment and assault on campus differently. Professional investigators trained in Title IX and your college campus’ own sexual misconduct policies and protocols is the Title IX Solution.

Every investigator on our staff is a former FBI agent or law enforcement officer with FBI training and decades of experience. This background helps them to gather facts and evidence more extensively than campus-based investigators. Furthermore, they are all trained in Title IX, the neurobiology and impacts of trauma on victims, and trauma-informed interview techniques. Our investigators design thorough and analytical investigations while still interviewing victims, respondents, and witnesses with compassion and respect.

All of our investigators are also licensed in the state in which they work. This may be critical to their credibility in potential litigation.

In every case, our goal is to ensure that the facts are gathered in a prompt, thorough, and impartial manner so that a college can better understand the alleged incident and, ultimately, provide a prompt and equitable resolution for the involved parties.