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The Comprehensive Approach to Sexual Harassment Prevention & Response

Serving Postsecondary & K-12 Schools Nationwide

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Notice: New Title IX Regulations Released - April 19, 2024

The Final Rule will be effective on August 1, 2024. Learn more here.

Title IX Solutions, LLC (TIXS) offers U.S. postsecondary institutions & K-12 schools a variety of services and training opportunities to assist Title IX administrators in preparing for and responding to sexual harassment on campus.

Our Title IX experts include a network of investigators, hearing officers (or decision-makers), informal resolution facilitators, advisors, and policy consultants – all of whom are dedicated to supporting schools promptly and equitably throughout the Title IX grievance process.

We also offer virtual and on-campus expert-led Title IX trainings and certifications for all Title IX roles.

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“Title IX cases can be life-altering events for students, taxing for administrators, as well as financial and reputational-risks for colleges. Responding to such serious incidents demands nothing less than a professional approach.”

Patrick Mathis

Co-Founder & Managing Member

Should my institution still work to be compliant with the 2020 regulations or should it wait until the amended regulations in 2024?

Although we are anticipating amended regulations in the near future, schools are still required to comply with the latest Title IX Regulations, which were federaly mandated to be met by August 14, 2020.

Why use external Title IX professionals?

With a lack of time and/or experience, it may not be feasible for your institution’s Title IX administrator to navigate the Title IX grievance process. Title IX Solutions’ network of expert Title IX professionals can help.

How do I earn certifications for different Title IX roles?

Title IX Solutions currently offers certification trainings for Investigator, Decision-Maker, and Advisor roles. We also have Level I and Level II Comprehensive Title IX Trainings for which you would receive a certificate upon completion.

Does Title IX Solutions provide virtual services?

Title IX Solutions can offer many services virtually, although in some cases it may be more appropriate to serve on-campus.

What types of institutions does Title IX Solutions work with?

Title IX Solutions regularly works with postsecondary institutions as well as K-12 schools. Services are provided nationwide. 

Does Title IX Solutions provide ongoing consulting services?

Yes! Title IX Solutions Consultants will be available to support your institution as needed.

What is the pricing for services?

Professional services are typically charged at an hourly rate. Contact us for pricing for a particular service!


Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


Co-Founder & Managing Member

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


Co-Founder & Director of Investigations

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


Executive Director

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