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Upcoming Title IX Webinars

Title IX & Beyond Virtual Training Program – Now Available for Purchase

Access over nine hours of pre-recorded training sessions designed to help you thoroughly understand the new Title IX regulations, investigation procedures, and grievance processes. Program materials included.

Learn more about the program on our Title IX & Beyond page.



Sexual Misconduct Policy Consulting

Let us help you bring your school’s sexual misconduct policy into compliance with the new Title IX Regulations.

Previous Title IX Webinars

K12 Webinar: Top 5 Tips for Complying with Title IX in 2021, Patrick Mathis & Tom Denton (28 April 2021)

Info Session – Independent Title IX Hearing Officers with Title IX Solutions, LLC Program Director, Adrienne Mathis (October 2020)

Informal Resolution of Title IX Complaints with guest speaker, President of United States Arbitration & Mediation (USA&M), Rob Litz (11 June 2020)

Handling Complaints under the New Title IX Regulations with Title IX Solutions Co-founder & Managing Member, Pat Mathis (27 May 2020)

Tips for Conducting Virtual Title IX Interviews with Title IX Solutions Co-founder & Director of Investigations, Tom Denton (14 May 2020)

Looking for more complete Title IX Investigators Training Program?

We offer both one and two-day Title IX Investigator Training programs at various points throughout the year.

– To learn more about what the training program entails, go to our Title IX Investigator Training page.

– To find and sign up for a training event near you, go to our Title IX Investigator Training Registration page.

– Can’t find a training program near you? Become a host! Learn more about hosting on our Hosting Title IX Investigator Training page.

Title IX Investigation Services

Our professional investigators offer colleges prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into Title IX violations. 

International Consulting

We work alongside U.S. and international colleges to address sexual assault during study abroad programs. Let’s connect.