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Level I: Title IX Coordinator Training

(Course Certification Included)

Foundational Course | 8 Hours of Virtual Instruction

Earn your Level I: Title IX Coordinator Course Certification at your own pace.

Learn about the role of a Title IX Coordinator, key definitions, facilitating the grievance process, building a Title IX team, Federal compliance requirements, and more.

Course overview

Our Foundational Coordinator Course provides the building blocks essential to overseeing a comprehensive and compliant Title IX program, its personnel, procedures, and policies. Join us for this on-demand, virtual instruction to become a confident and skilled Title IX Coordinator.

*Due to potential changes ahead in Title IX regulations, IX Institute students enrolling in ourFoundational Courses will receive a free enrollment to an addendum course for their role to ensure they receive training following the implementation of the newest Title IX Final Rule.


  • Describe the key provisions of Title IX, including its scope, forms of prohibited discrimination, and the responsibilities of educational institutions in ensuring compliance
  • Understand reporting procedures for complaints of sexual harassment and conduct incident evaluations to initiate the appropriate response
  • Oversee compliant, effective, and impartial investigation, adjudication, and/or informal resolution of alleged Title IX violations
  • Develop a trauma-informed framework for communicating with parties in Title IX complaints
  • Outline the responsibilities of the Title IX Coordinator that fall outside of the Title IX grievance process

Course Curriculum

Session One: Introduction to Title IX

Speaker: Tawny Alonzo, M.S.

This introductory chapter outlines the history and evolution of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, more commonly known as Title IX. Title IX Solutions’ Director of Training and Instructor Tawny Alonzo discusses the creation of Title IX, important definitions, as well as identifying the participants in the Title IX process. 

Lessons include:

        • The History of Title IX
        • Title IX Definitions
        • Participants in the Title IX Process

Session Two: Overview of the Title IX Grievance Process

Speaker: Patrick B. Mathis, J.D., L.L.M., M.B.A.

Title IX Solutions’ Managing Member, Pat Mathis, reviews the 2020 Title IX Regulations, including the three-pronged definition of sexual harassment, a school’s required response to reports of sexual harassment, and the basic requirements for the Title IX grievance process.

Lessons include:

        • Introduction to the Title IX Regulations
        • Sexual Harassment and Recipient Response
        • Basic Requirements for the Title IX Grievance Process

Session Three: Understanding Trauma

Speaker: Dr. Jessica Groleau

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jessica Groleau provides a foundational understanding of trauma and its impact on the Title IX grievance process. Dr. Groleau presents strategies for Title IX Coordinators to recognize biases and tips for conducting a trauma-informed process.

Lessons include:

        • Introduction to Trauma
        • Recognizing Personal Bias
        • Trauma-Informed Communication
        • Promoting Empowerment
        • Understanding Trauma as a Coordinator

Session Four: Title IX Incident Evaluation

Speaker: Kathryn Statz, J.D.

Title IX Solutions’ Instructor and former Title IX Coordinator, Kathryn Statz, examines strategies for evaluating incidents within the context of Title IX’s threshold criteria. 

Lessons include:

        • Conducting a Title IX Incident Evaluation
        • Understanding Safety and Risk Assessments

Session Five: Reports and Intake Meetings

Speaker: Tawny Alonzo, M.S.

Title IX Solutions Instructor Tawny Alonzo discusses the Title IX Coordinator’s responsibilities after an incident of sexual harassment occurs. She also examines reporting requirements in the postsecondary environment, intake meetings, supportive measures, and the process for filing a formal complaint under Title IX.

Lessons include:

        • Title IX Reporting
        • Intake Meetings
        • Formal Complaints

Session Six: Notice of Allegations and Start of the Grievance Process

Speaker: Adrienne Mathis

Title IX Solutions Executive Director and Instructor Adrienne Mathis outlines steps a Title IX Coordinator must take to initiate the Title IX grievance process, including issuing notices, forming an investigative team, and communicating with the Parties’ advisors. This session also emphasizes the rights and options of the parties under Title IX as well as due process requirements.

Lessons include:

        • Drafting the Notice of Allegations
        • Initiating the Title IX Grievance Process

Session Seven: Title IX Investigations

Speaker: Tawny Alonzo, M.S.

Title IX Solutions Instructor Tawny Alonzo explores the role of the Title IX Coordinator during Title IX investigations, including communicating with the parties and providing guidance to the Title IX Investigator. She also discusses the Title IX requirements for conducting investigations and how to ensure compliance throughout this stage of the grievance process.

Lessons include:

        • Conducting Compliant Title IX Investigations
        • Understanding the Coordinator’s Role in Title IX Investigations

Session Eight: Title IX Decision-Making Processes

Speaker: Adrienne Mathis

Title IX Solutions Instructor Adrienne Mathis evaluates the role of the Title IX Coordinator during Title IX decision-making processes, including communicating with the parties and providing guidance to the Title IX Decision-Maker. She also discusses the Title IX requirements and options for decision-making processes and how to ensure compliance in both the live hearing and in rendering the determination regarding responsibility.

Lessons include:

        • Conducting Compliant Title IX Decision-Making Processes
        • Sanctions and Remedies
        • Understanding the Coordinator’s Role in the Title IX Decision-Making Processes

Session Nine: The Appeal Process

Speaker: Tawny Alonzo, M.S.

In this chapter, Title IX Solutions Instructor Tawny Alonzo outlines Title IX Coordinator responsibilities following the issuance of the final determination and throughout the appeal process. In addition, she shares the regulatory requirements for appeals, as well as other key points in the grievance process where appeals may be made.

Lessons include:

        • The Appeal Process
        • Understanding the Coordinator’s Role in the Appeal Process

Session Ten: Title IX Informal Resolution Processes

Speaker: C.J. Larkin, J.D., M.A.

Expert Mediator, Decision-Maker, and Title IX Solutions Instructor, C.J. Larkin, shares the intended goals of the informal resolution process in addition to the specific requirements for implementing this option under the 2020 Title IX Regulations.

Lessons include:

        • An Introduction to the Informal Resolution Process
        • The Informal Resolution Facilitator

Session Eleven: Title IX Compliance Beyond the Grievance Process

Speaker: Kathryn Statz, J.D. and Tawny Alonzo, M.S.

In this final session, TIXS Instructors Kathryn Statz and Tawny Alonzo discuss Title IX requirements that fall outside the facilitation of the Title IX grievance process such as dissemination of policy, recordkeeping, and Title IX training requirements. They also share best practices for raising awareness among students and employees.

Lessons include:

        • Disseminating Policy
        • Recordkeeping
        • Title IX Training
        • Raising Title IX Awareness on Campus

Meet Your Instructors


TAWNY ALONZO, M.S. | Investigator

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Tawny has blended careers in higher education and law enforcement to address issues of sexual misconduct on college campuses. Tawny took an interest as a police officer in working with victims of sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. She immersed herself in trainings on trauma-informed interviewing, violence against women and children, as well as community approaches to prevention. This passion led to a jump into higher education and the world of Title IX. She previously served as a Title IX Investigator at Texas Woman’s University, Director of Violence Prevention at Southern Methodist University, and Title IX Program Manager at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Her areas of expertise include conducting compliant investigations, creating dynamic student and employee trainings, and building holistic campus violence prevention programs.

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter

PATRICK B. MATHIS, J.D., L.L.M., M.B.A. | Founding Member

With over 30 years of legal experience, Patrick Mathis is a Founding Member of TIXS as well as a shareholder of Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. (MM&R), a law firm based in Southern Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. As a certified Title IX investigator, Patrick has advised clients on a wide variety of legal issues, he has a developed awareness of the broad implications of incidents which may affect victims, alleged assailants, and educational institutions. With that understanding, he can work with colleges, Title IX Coordinators, school counsel, and TIXS investigators to develop a comprehensive understanding and approach to addressing the issues which arise in incidents of alleged sexual assaults to ensure prompt and equitable resolutions. Patrick also coordinates the training of our investigators regarding the legal aspects of Title IX, DOE guidelines, state law issues, and related areas. He is a training instructor for TIXS, specializing in the Title IX Regulations, compliance, and issues related to sexual assault affecting students studying abroad. On June 10, 2021, Mr. Mathis submitted oral public comments to the United States Department of Education at the Office of Civil Rights Public Hearing Regarding Current Title IX Regulations.


JESSICA GROLEAU, Ph.D. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Groleau earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and joined the Center for Student Health and Well-Being at Davidson College in 2019. She has conducted research on the impact of trauma in college students, with an emphasis on positive psychology and post-traumatic growth. Her clinical interests include young adult development, working with survivors of sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, LGBTQ issues, relationship concerns, and anxiety. 

Ken Chackes

ADRIENNE MATHIS | Executive Director

Title IX Solutions Executive Director works one-on-one with Title IX Coordinators at client universities to interpret federal and state sexual harassment statutes and advises universities on best practices for implementing the Regulations. She works closely with TIXS professional investigators, hearing officers, informal resolution facilitators, and advisors to facilitate the provision of Title IX services to client universities. Adrienne occasionally works with student victims of sexual harassment to explain their rights under Title IX when non-client institutions may inadequately respond. She also Adrienne audits and drafts sexual misconduct policies for colleges, creating guidebooks and templates for Title IX administrators, and designing training programs for Title IX personnel. As a leader at TIXS, Adrienne collaborates with company co-founders to identify barriers to proper implementation of Title IX and expand service offerings to further establish best practices in a way that is attainable for institutions and trauma-informed for parties.

Ken Chackes

C.J. LARKIN, J.D., M.A | Independent Decision-Maker & Informal Resolution Facilitator

C.J. Larkin has over 30 years of experience as an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, meeting facilitator, trainer, and educator. She provides mediation, arbitration, meeting facilitation, and training services, and has provided 40-hour mediator training to attorneys, managers, and government officials nationally and internationally. C.J. is a mediator/arbitrator on the panel of USA&M St. Louis and a partner in Dispute Resolution Professionals in Denver. She has also taught negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, and has supervised law students providing mediation services for over 20 years.

Ken Chackes

KATHRYN STATZ J.D. | Investigator

Kathryn’s distinguished career started as an Enforcement Representative at the NCAA national office, where she began her journey of over 20 years in intercollegiate athletics. She then specialized in gender equity and Title IX, committed to fostering inclusivity and addressing issues of sex-based misconduct within educational institutions. Kathryn has conducted thorough investigations into cases involving students, faculty, and staff, ensuring a fair and equitable resolution process. Her expertise extends to advisory roles, where she has provided valuable guidance to stakeholders navigating complex Title IX issues. Most recently as a campus Title IX Coordinator, Kathryn has managed responses to allegations of sex-based misconduct.

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