Title IX Investigator Training 

Learn Hands-On Investigation Skills from Lifelong Investigators

In our Title IX Investigator Training Program, our professional investigators share their expertise with Title IX coordinators, Title IX investigators, and disciplinary board members to demonstrate the keys to conducting a proper Title IX investigation.

Leveraging decades of field experience, a comprehensive understanding of sexual assault cases, and the latest studies surrounding trauma, investigators provide program participants with the necessary skills, materials, and protocols to investigate an incident with confidence.

Interested in a more cost-effective Title IX Training option?

Host a Title IX Investigators Training Program for Title IX coordinators and investigators from colleges in your area & receive FREE registration for your school’s Title IX coordinator, investigators, and decision-makers. To learn more about becoming a host institution, go to our Hosting Title IX Training Page.

The Importance of Roleplaying 

Our Title IX training program focuses on the realities of sexual assault investigations. Our instructors’ extensive investigation expertise combined with comprehensive background knowledge about sexual assault cases allows Title IX Solutions instructors to lead realistic and fruitful role-playing exercises throughout the duration of the training program.

The highly interactive role-playing activities help reinforce lessons learned during the training program and better maintain campus-based investigators’ attention throughout the day. As campus-based investigators observe and participate in more in-depth role-playing activities, Title IX Solutions instructors will interact directly with the audience and role-playing participants to ask questions, demonstrate investigation tactics, and critique interview questions.

Title IX Investigator Training Program Overview

Title IX Solutions offers the Title IX Investigators Training Programs to college Title IX coordinators, Title IX investigators, disciplinary board members, and administrators. In this two-day training program, our professional investigators utilize their own interview and investigation experiences to teach campus community members the necessary skills and knowledge required to conduct a proper Title IX investigation.

After an initial review of federal Title IX guidelines, our investigators focus on the “hard skills” which will assist Title IX investigators in completing a fair and thorough investigation. Such topic areas include:

  • Title IX Due Process and Procedures
  • Steps to Designing an Investigation
  • Evidence Collection Practices
  • Basic & Advanced Interview Skills
  • Trauma-informed and Empathy-Based Interview Techniques
  • Essentials to Drafting a Title IX Investigation Report
  • Detailed Role-Playing Activities for all Participants
  • Certification upon Completion

Looking for a Program Near You?

You can find our scheduled Title IX Investigator Training Programs on our Registration page!

Title IX Investigator Training Program Options

Customized Training Programs

Created to fit the specific needs of your college’s Title IX coordinator and Title IX investigators, this program is perfect for participants from the same institution. In collaboration with campus Title IX administrators, we:

  • Design courses based on your campus sexual misconduct policies & due process.
  • Review prior training materials utilized by your Title IX investigators to ensure new skills are taught.
  • Meet with the Title IX coordinator and other staff to understand current strengths, challenges, and prior investigation experiences to craft a program that meets your needs.
  • One or two-day training programs available.

General Training Events

Available for small and large groups, this Title IX Investigator Training Program addresses the foundational elements of proper Title IX investigations. You can find registration information for upcoming General Title IX Investigator Training programs here. This type of program typically occurs when:

  • One college or university hosts a training program for local-area Title IX administrators. If you would like to host, learn more here.
  • Title IX Solutions, LLC offers a regional training program at a pre-determined facility. 
  • One or two-day training programs available.

Title IX Investigation Services

Our professional investigators offer colleges prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into Title IX violations. 

Sexual Misconduct Policy Consulting

Let us help you bring your school’s sexual misconduct policy into compliance with the new Title IX Regulations.