Meet our Leadership

TIXS Co-Founders & Directors

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


Title IX Solutions Co-Founder & Managing Member with over 40 years of legal experience. Having advised clients on a wide variety of legal issues, he has a developed awareness of the broad implications of incidents which may affect victims, alleged assailants, and educational institutions. With that understanding, he can work with colleges, Title IX Coordinators, school counsel, and our investigators to develop a comprehensive understanding and approach to addressing the issues which arise in incidents of alleged sexual assaults to ensure prompt and equitable resolutions. Patrick also coordinates the training of our investigators regarding the legal aspects of Title IX, DOE guidelines, state law issues, and related areas. He is a training instructor for TIXS, specializing in the Title IX Regulations, compliance, and issues related to sexual assault affecting students studying abroad.

Tom Denton founding member of Title IX Solutions and Tactical 97 Group retired chief of police and law enforcement officer


Title IX Solutions Co-Founder & Director of Investigations with over 31 years of law enforcement experience and 17 years as a licensed private detective. In 2005, he founded Tactical Investigations, LLC and has been a licensed private detective for over 17 years. Tom has extensive experience investigating child sexual assaults and Title IX violations, including an investigation at a top-tier midwestern university which involved hazing incidents, sexual harassment, and an alcohol fatality as well as a high-profile investigation into the gang rape of a student at a private nationally-ranked university.

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


Title IX Solutions Executive Director works one-on-one with Title IX Coordinators at client universities to interpret federal and state sexual harassment statutes and advises universities on best practices for implementing the Regulations. She works closely with TIXS professional investigators, hearing officers, informal resolution facilitators, and advisors to facilitate the provision of Title IX services to client universities. Adrienne occasionally works with student victims of sexual harassment to explain their rights under Title IX when non-client institutions may inadequately respond. She also Adrienne audits and drafts sexual misconduct policies for colleges, creating guidebooks and templates for Title IX administrators, and designing training programs for Title IX personnel. As a leader at TIXS, Adrienne collaborates with company co-founders to identify barriers to proper implementation of Title IX and expand service offerings to further establish best practices in a way that is attainable for institutions and trauma-informed for parties.

Patrick Mathis founding member of Title IX solutions and Mathis Marifian and Richter


As Title IX Solutions Director of Training, she is responsible for the creation of custom training for secondary and postsecondary institutions, planning and implementation of regional and national trainings and conferences, consultation on special topics such as prevention education, advocacy, LGBTQ+ issues, bystander intervention, and athletics. Tawny also provides support in Title IX investigations and report-writing. Tawny is a training instructor for TIXS, specializing in investigations, athletics, prevention, and response.