Notice: New Title IX Regulations Released - April 19, 2024

The Final Rule will be effective on August 1, 2024. Learn more here.

Informal Resolution Facilitators


What is Informal Resolution?

Our Informal Resolution Facilitators work with the involved parties in every case to establish trust, propose resolution options, and ultimately aim to reach an agreeable solution. This may include mediation, arbitration, Restorative Justice, or other informal resolution options.

Why Title IX Solutions Informal Resolution Facilitators?

Experienced Informal Resolution Facilitators are key to a safe and effective informal resolution processs. Title IX Solutions Informal Resolution Facilitators are attorneys who have completed hundreds of hours of training over decades to practice as professional mediators and arbitrators, teach theory and skills for alternative dispute resolution at top-tier universities, and/or are restorative justice specialists.

This impressive group of facilitators not only understands the procedures required to facilitate the Title IX informal resolution process, but they also recognize the nuanced approach Title IX cases requires and the importance of fulfilling their role in a compassionate and multi-partial way.

Title IX Solutions Informal Resolution Facilitators listen to the parties’ expectations and fears, guides the parties toward the most appropriate form of informal resolution, and remains grounded in the true purpose of informal resolution.

In addition to their extensive training in mediation, arbitration, and restorative justice, all Title IX Solutions Informal Resolution Facilitators have completed training required under Title IX as well as training on the impact of trauma on involved parties and intersection of sexual violence and LGBTQ+ communities.


What Informal Resolution Facilitation Services do we offer?

Our Informal Resolution Facilitator(s) will provide the following services to prepare for, conduct, and finalize the informal resolution process:

  • An informal resolution consent waiver
  • Initial caucus with each party
  • Joint sessions (optional) including a meet and greet;
  • Informal Resolution meeting during which the parties share their perspectives (while in the same room or in separate room), provide a description of complaint/defenses, and/or provide the opportunity for apology and/or acknowledgement
  • Shuttle diplomacy
  • If resolved, the drafting of an issuance of the Informal Resolution Settlement Agreement (i.e. Mediated Settlement Agreement)

Meet Our Informal Resolution Facilitators

Kim L. Kirn, J.D.

Kim is a full-time mediator and arbitrator with hundreds of completed cases relating to education including special education, ADA, housing, affirmative action, tenure, sexual harassment and employment. Kim often acts as a fact finder which requires that she act as a mediator to see if resolution is possible before beginning the hearing.

Robert D. Litz, J.D.

Rob is an experienced civil trial lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, civil service hearing officer and President of USA&M. He has arbitrated and mediated cases involving employment, including sex, age, sexual orientation and race discrimination, as well as personal injury, products liability, and more.

C.J. Larkin, J.D., M.A.

C.J. holds over 30 years of experience as a mediator, facilitator, educator and trainer. She has mediated over 750 employment, education, family, attorney-client, small business, non-profit and public/civil rights disputes cases. She serves on the USA&M Mediator panel and is a partner at Dispute Resolution Professionals, LLC.

Kenneth M. Chackes, J.D.

With extensive experience as a mediator and hearing officer, he has served as a mediator in over 175 cases over the last 20 years, primarily in the areas of education, employment and civil rights. He also served as a hearing officer in numerous contested education cases, involving students in elementary and secondary schools.


Judge Michael T. Jamison

After 22 years on the bench, the Honorable Michael T. Jamison retired as a Circuit Judge for the State of Missouri. He is a mediator with USA&M. Judge Jamison is an adjunct professor and has taught business Law, employment Law, contracts and administrative Law, as well as economics.


Melvin D. Kennedy, J.D., M.P.A.

Melvin has practiced law since 1993, representing both employers and employees in employment discrimination cases. For 14 years, he worked as a senior trial attorney for the U.S. EEOC. As a mediator, he has mediated employment disputes throughout several states.

Jim Reeves

James W. Reeves, J.D., L.L.M.

For over 30 years, James has mediated business and legal disputes involving employment and workplace, general tort liability, medical malpractice, products liability, condemnation, family business issues, and more. He has expertise convening multi-party processes to resolve legal, organizational, community, and public policy disputes.

Judge Patricia A. Riehl

A retired Missouri Circuit Judge from the 23rd Judicial Circuit, Judge Riehl has held the positions of municipal judge, commissioner, associate circuit judge and circuit judge during her career. She served as a hearing officer and was appointed a disciplinary hearing officer for the Missouri Supreme Court, and is currently a mediator and arbitrator for USA&M.

Ann Davis Shields

Ann is a Professor of Practice and Director of Pretrial Practice and Settlement at WashULaw. She directs the law school’s Pretrial Practice and Settlement courses and performs investigations for school boards to assess the viability of student, staff or faculty allegations of district policy violations. She has mediated employment and ADA disputes.

Michael S. Geigerman, J.D.

Michael is Managing Director of USA&M and has mediated over 4,400 mediations. His experience ranges from abuse to wrongful termination, as well personal injury, professional malpractice, clergy and school abuse, police brutality, multi-cultural conflicts and more. He is called upon to serve as an arbitrator in difficult cases.


Karen Tokarz, J.D., L.L.M.

Professor of Law at WashULaw since 1987, Karen is an internationally recognized expert in mediation, dispute resolution, civil rights, and clinical legal education. She serves as director of the school’s Civil Rights & Mediation Clinic, and founder/president of the St. Louis Mediation Project. She has mediated over 700 cases.

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