Notice: New Title IX Regulations will be effective on August 1, 2024


Services Offered by Title IX Soutions, LLC

Title IX Solutions, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to sexual harassment prevention and response at higher education institutions and K-12 districts across the nation. As specialists in Title IX, we help schools understand Title IX requirements and implement the Title IX grievance process in compliance with Federal Regulations.

All services are completed with compassion for those involved while maintaining equity, consistency, and transparency for all.

Our services include:

TIXS staff on campus
Title IX Solutions staff

Are you looking to outsource your Title IX investigations?

We get it. Title IX investigations are almost always time-consuming and frequently complex or highly sensitive. Our experienced Title IX Investigators are here to help! 

Seeking an Experienced Decision-Maker for your Title IX Hearings?

Many colleges and universities are challenged with finding and preparing staff members who have the necessary time, expertise, and confidence to manage the hearing process effectively. Our vetted pool of independent decision-makers helps fill that role.

Looking for trained, unbiased, and independent informal resolution facilitators?

Also career mediators and arbitrators, our informal resolution facilitators work with the involved parties in every case to establish trust by listening to the parties’ needs, proposing various resolution options, and aiming to ultimately reach an agreeable solution.

Do students or employees involved in the Title IX process need a professional advisor by their side?

Also attorneys and career Title IX professionals, our advisors are available to help Complainants and Respondents throughout the Title IX process, including during the investigation and live hearing.

Are you seeking additional support on general or case-specific issues?

Our network of Title IX experts consists of former Title IX Coordinators, attorneys, and policy specialists. Their deep understanding of the Federal Regulations combined with their diverse experiences as Title IX practitioners makes them ideal to have in your corner as you implement Title IX.

Need help drafting your policy or bringing your current one into compliance?

We’re happy to work with you to either create, review, or revise your institution’s Title IX or sexual harassment policy so that it complies with the latest Title IX regulations and fits within your school’s administrative framework.

Looking to address sexual assault while students study abroad?

Many students experience sexual assault or harassment while studying abroad for a summer, semester, or year. We work with both domestic and international universities to bridge gaps in sexual violence response for these students.

Not Sure What You Need?

Schedule a free consultation or send us an email with any questions you may have or services you’re interested in.

We also offer Title IX trainings!