Title IX Training Opportunities

We offer Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Hearing Officers, and other campus Title IX administrators the following Title IX Training Opportunities. Please check this page regularly as our Title IX Training Registration and Virtual Title IX Training – Webinars pages are updated frequently.

Comprehensive Title IX Training Course

New to Title IX? Recently asked to serve as a Coordinator, Investigator or Hearing Officer?

This course is for you!

Learn about Title IX requirements for school administrators, investigation procedures, hearing processes, and informal resolution options from Title IX experts at your own pace!

Includes 9+ hours of video content and 150+ pages of program materials.

Visit our Title IX & Beyond page to learn more!


$600 per person

Group Rate: $475 per person*

Online payment options available.

Checks accepted.

Title IX Advisor Course

Have you been asked to serve as a Title IX Advisor but feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed by the process?

Or perhaps you are a Title IX Coordinator tasked with training your school’s Advisors but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Either way, our self-paced course Stepping Up: Become and Effective Title IX Advisor is for you!

Participants will learn about the Title IX process, the role of the Advisor, and strategies for supporting parties.

Includes 6 hours of video content and 100 pages of downloadable handouts.

Visit our Title IX Advisor course page to learn more!


$450 per person

Online payment options available.

Checks accepted.

Title IX Investigator Training Program

virtual investigation photo

Looking to train your school’s Title IX investigators?

Schedule a Title IX Investigator program exclusive to your school!

During this 8-hour program, your team will learn hands-on Title IX investigation skills from lifelong investigators. 

  • Sessions include investigation design, report writing &  interview techniques
  • Scenarios & case studies utilized throughout the program
  • Review of your schools investigation procedures & Title IX regulations available upon request

Live virtual and on-campus programs available.

Visit our Title IX Investigator Training page or schedule a meeting with our Program Director to learn more!


Contact Title IX Solutions Program Director for pricing information. 

Virtual Title IX Training – Webinars

Find a complete list of upcoming Title IX webinars and sign up to attend!

Still Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Please contact us via email if you have any questions or suggestions for other Title IX Training opportunities.

You can also learn more about our professional Title IX Investigators and our approach to Campus Title IX investigations.

* Title IX & Beyond Group Rate is only available to groups of 4 or more from the same institution.

Title IX Investigation Services

Our professional investigators offer colleges prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into Title IX violations. 

Sexual Misconduct Policy Consulting

Let us help you bring your school’s sexual misconduct policy into compliance with the new Title IX Regulations.