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Adrienne Mathis

Executive Director



Adrienne Mathis works one-on-one with Title IX Coordinators at client universities to interpret federal and state sexual harassment statutes and advises universities on best practices for implementing the Regulations. She works closely with TIXS professional investigators, hearing officers, informal resolution facilitators, and advisors to facilitate the provision of Title IX services to client universities. Adrienne also occasionally works with Complainants and Respondents to explain their rights under Title IX when non-client institutions may inadequately respond. When not collaborating with experts and consulting with clients or students, Adrienne audits and drafts sexual misconduct policies for colleges, creates guidebooks and templates for Title IX administrators, and designs training programs for Title IX personnel. As a partner of TIXS, Adrienne collaborates with company co-founders to identify barriers to proper implementation of Title IX and expand service offerings to further establish best practices in a way that is attainable for institutions and trauma-informed for parties.

Prior to TIXS, she worked as a policy consultant at Universidad San Francisco de Quito –USFQ, the top university in Ecuador. Alongside the university’s International Programs Office, legal counsel, Dean of Students, and Ombudsman, Adrienne drafted the institution’s sexual misconduct policies and protocols, which were approved in mid-2019. She was a recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Student Research grant from 2017-2018, during which she moved to a remote region of the Ecuadorian Amazon to conduct 12-months of field research about indigenous rights, education, and the pitfalls of certain national development policies. Adrienne is also a training instructor for TIXS, specializing in the implementation of Title IX, investigation planning, Title IX determinations, and strategies for responding to incidents of sexual assault of U.S. students abroad.


  • Continuum of Sexual Misconduct, Implicit Biases, and Equitable Responses; Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN)
  • Trauma-Informed Interview Techniques, Thomas Tremblay
  • Navigating Pregnant and Parenting Rights, Access, and Accommodations on College Campuses; The Pregnant Scholar
  • A Talk with the Office for Civil Rights about the LGBTQIA+ Community and the Intersection of Title IX with Ann Cook-Graver, a Supervisory Civil Rights Attorney with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Chicago Enforcement Office
  • NAFSA Education Abroad Regulatory Summit: Title IX & Clery Act Training, the United States Department of Education
  • Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Communities Training, RAINN)
  • Rights, Access, and Accommodations on College Campuses, The Pregnant Scholar


  • B.A. in Anthropology, Davidson College, magna cum laude, 2015
    • Minor in Environmental Studies
    • Phi Beta Pappa Honor Society
  • Comparative Ecology and Conservation Program, School for International Training Study Abroad – Quito, Ecuador, 2013

Professional Associations

  • Chicagoland Title IX Consortium, Member

Media Coverage

Speaking Engagements

  • Title IX Investigator Training, Hosted by East Mississippi Community College – Regional Training (April 2023)
  • Title IX Determination Writing Workshop for K-12 Decision-Makers (May 2023), Custom Training for K-12 District
  • Level I – Title IX Informal Resolution Facilitator Training, Informal Resolution Outcomes and Agreements (2023), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Navigating Title IX Sexual Harassment in K-12 Schools, Introduction to Title IX, Title IX Incident Assessment, Formal Complaints, Grievance Process Requirements, Title IX Determinations Regarding Responsibility and Outcomes, Title IX Appeals, and Recordkeeping Sessions (2023), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Level I: Title IX Decision-Maker Training, Role of the Decision-Maker and Drafting the Determination Regarding Responsibility (2023)
  • Level I – Title IX Investigator Training, Investigation Planning and Design (2022)
  • Understanding the Impact of the 2022 Title IX Proposed Changes, Parts One and Two (2022)
  • Title IX: A New Era – Title IX in Motion (2022)
  • Unpacking the Informal Resolution Process – 2022 Summer Webinar Series (2022)
  • Building a Winning Title IX Team – 2022 Summer Webinar Series (2022)
  • Becoming a Responsible Online Course: Identifying and Responding to Sexual Harassment, Understanding Your School’s Policies and Procedures (May 2022), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Investigation Planning & Design for the K-12 Audience (January 2021), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Investigation Planning & Interview Strategies (October 2021), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Investigative Report Writing (June 2021), Co-Presenter, Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Ethical Considerations for Conducting Independent Research Abroad, 2021
  • Stepping Up: Becoming an Effective Title IX Advisor, Program Designer & Facilitator (2021), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Title IX & Beyond: A 12-Hour Virtual Training Event for Title IX Coordinators, Investigators & Decision-Makers, Program Facilitator (2020), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Tips for Conducting Virtual Title IX Interviews (2020), Title IX Solutions, LLC
  • Presentación de los resultados sobre la reapertura del Centro Educativo Cultural Intercultural Bilingüe “Sumak Allpa,” (2018)