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U.S. Department of Education Announces Biden-Harris Appointees
U.S. Department of Education  |  January 21, 2021

Executive Order on Preventing & Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation
The White House  |  President Joseph R. Biden Jr.  |  January 20, 2021

Sexual-Assault Investigations May Be Delayed as Coronavirus Disrupts Colleges
The Chronicle of Higher Education  |  Sarah Brown  | March 23, 2020

Title IX Consulting Firm Presents Its Solution to Addressing Campus Sexual Assault Cases and Title IX Due Process Violations: Independent Professional Investigators
Press Release  |  Title IX Solutions, LLC  | November 25, 2019

Press Release - Full Text Below


With increasing litigation from both victims and accused students against U.S. colleges, third-party Title IX investigations should be recognized as best practice.

[BELLEVILLE, IL, November 25]— In response to the CBSN Originals documentary “Speaking Frankly: Title IX” which aired last night, consulting firm Title IX Solutions, LLC emphasizes that colleges’ current investigation practices are frequently the weakest link in campus Title IX processes. The use of objective and experienced professional investigators in such complicated investigations can help college administrators ensure the prompt, thorough, and impartial Title IX investigations which federal guidelines require and involved student parties deserve.

Title IX Solutions, LLC specializes in professional campus sexual assault investigations. Its professional investigators are former FBI agents and career law enforcement officers trained in Title IX guidelines as well as investigative techniques unique to sexual assault incidents. Many of these investigations are complex and require significant strategic investigation design and planning. Title IX Solutions, LLC investigators leverage decades of investigative and interview experience to fully develop the facts which are ultimately critical to a college’s response to both the victim and the accused party in Title IX cases.

As highlighted in “Speaking Frankly: Title IX,” both victims of sexual violence and students accused of sexual misconduct are often unsatisfied with colleges’ procedures, practices, and attitudes toward addressing Title IX cases and investigations. Many victims feel that investigations are inaccurate, remain stagnant, and can be more traumatic than the incident itself. Accused students claim investigators assume they are guilty without sufficient evidence. This approach to Title IX investigations leaves colleges vulnerable to litigation from involved parties and risks potential emotional harm to both victims and accused students.

Title IX Solutions, LLC Co-founder and Director of Investigations, Tom Denton, states, “Independent professional investigators can remedy some of the flaws present in the current Title IX process as they approach cases with objectivity, experience, and the ability to conduct an investigation in a timely manner. Each of these elements is critical as Title IX cases can be traumatic and life-altering for both victims and accused parties.”

Title IX Solutions, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to sexual violence on college campuses in the U.S. and abroad. With founders boasting over 60 years of law enforcement and legal experience alongside an international network of experienced, licensed, and trained professional investigators, Title IX Solutions, LLC provides college campuses with prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into alleged Title IX violations. It also offers training programs focused on evidence-based approaches and international consulting services for U.S. and international schools with U.S. students studying abroad. For more information about Title IX Solutions, LLC, please visit


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More Title IX Lawsuits by Accusers and Accused
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Dartmouth Reaches $14 Million Settlement in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit
The New York Times  |  Anemona Hartocollis  |  August 6, 2019

California Students File Class-Action Lawsuit Over Sexual Misconduct Charges
Campus Safety Magazine  |  Katie Malafronte  |  August 6, 2016

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New Instruction on Title IX Andrew Kreighbaum | September 25, 2017 Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued guidance Friday granting colleges new discretion in how they comply with requirements under federal Title IX law to resolve and adjudicate allegations of sexual misconduct on campus. Read more.